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Children’s Dentistry in Hutchinson, Kansas

Dr. Grant Ringler: Hutchinson Dentist for Children

Here at Grant D. Ringler, DDS, we are passionate about providing gentle, high-quality dental care for children and adults in one convenient location. Many people are unaware that even babies can suffer from problems like tooth decay, often from the frequent and long-term exposure of their teeth to liquids containing sugars. At our Hutchinson, Kansas dental office, we offer children’s dentistry to help prevent problems alike baby bottle tooth decay and so much more.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One of the first dental health problems that children may face will be baby bottle tooth decay. The sugars in milk, fruit juice, formula, soda, and other sweetened drinks can pool around the infant’s gums and teeth, feeding the bacteria that cause plaque. Infants who are breast-fed for a prolonged period of time can also have baby tooth decay, just like children whose pacifiers are dipped in honey or sugar. When sweet fluids are left in the mouth while the infant is sleeping, there is an increased risk of cavities.

We can teach you techniques for preventing baby bottle tooth decay during children’s dentistry visits to our Hutchinson, KS family dental office. The main tips include decreasing the consumption of sugar and having the child drink a bottle of water after feeding. You can clean your child’s mouth by wrapping a finger in wet gauze or a clean washcloth and gently massaging the gums. As your child ages, these children’s dentistry visits will also include education about hygiene habits.

Children’s Dentistry as Kids Age

As your children get older, their dental care will grow and change to meet their evolving needs. As adult teeth come in, we’ll introduce fluoride treatments and dental sealants to the children’s dentistry treatment plan. Fluoride is a mineral that can strengthen tooth enamel, and dental sealants are clear coverings used to block out decay.

The caring team at Grant D. Ringler, DDS will take the time to help you evaluate the health of your child’s teeth. Our Hutchinson, KS dental office can treat decayed teeth and extract infant teeth when necessary. If your child’s teeth are infected or lost too early, there is a possibility that they may develop poor eating habits, crooked teeth, speech problems, and even damaged adult teeth. Let our office help you build helpful habits that will benefit your child and your entire family. Contact us to make a children’s dentistry appointment today!


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