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Smile Bright with Holiday Teeth Whitening

December 11, 2017

man receiving in-office teeth whiteningA brighter smile is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services year-round. At the holidays when family photos and social gatherings occur frequently, the demand for teeth whitening is even greater. If you’re interested in making your smile bright this holiday season, start with a trip to your local cosmetic dentist. With a professional consultation from a trusted cosmetic dentist, you’re guaranteed to receive predictably brighter smiles from your dentist administered teeth whitening plans.

Dr. Grant D. Ringler is Your Hutchinson Family Dentist

September 2, 2015

happy family who visits the hutchinson family dentistIf you had to grade yourself on your dental care right now, from 1-10, what would your score be? 10? 7? …3? Whether we have good habits or not, we all know what we should do to maintain good oral health. Healthy teeth require brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist every six months. When it comes to what you can control about your mouth health, that’s really about as much as you can do — the rest comes down to genetics.


Don’t Forget to Visit Your Hutchinson Dentist During Pregnancy

July 20, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-490263543Pregnancy doesn’t just effect your reproductive system. It effects the entire body. Shifts in hormones are responsible for numerous positive and negative physiological changes. Your oral health is not exempt from these changes. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can lead to numerous dental concerns. It’s essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home, and never cancel your regular checkup during pregnancy. Let Dr. Grant D. Ringler help you preserve your oral health throughout your pregnancy. Call to schedule an appointment at our convenient Hutchinson, KS dental office today.


Smile & Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again with Dental Implants in Hutchinson, KS

May 6, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-Eating Apple ImplantsEvery year, millions of Americans are forced to deal with the immense drawbacks of tooth loss. Fortunately, today’s advanced dental technology makes it possible to enjoy a complete set of teeth and a strong, beautiful smile in a way that looks and feels completely natural: dental implants. At the Hutchinson, KS dental office of Dr. Grant D. Ringler, patients seeking long-term tooth replacement without conventional dentures are invited to explore the possibilities afforded by dental implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants

While traditional prosthetics like full and partial dentures do work for millions of edentulous Americans, the fact is that many men and women suffering from tooth loss desire a more secure and permanent solution. Dental implants effectively replace the entire structure of a missing tooth, including the root portion that lies beneath the gums and inside the jaw. Whereas removable prosthetics can slip, slide, click, and cause discomfort when eating, dental implants allow you to enjoy a full range of delicious foods without fear of embarrassment or pain.

Finally, you can feel free to bite into a crisp ear of corn on the cob or a juicy, crunchy apple. Chew dense meats like steak with ease and comfort. With dental implants, you are no longer bound by dietary restrictions commonly associated with traditional tooth replacement options. Because you care for dental implants and their restorations like you would your natural teeth (regular brushing and flossing), you can live a more comfortable and fulfilled daily life.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are missing one or more teeth and you are curious as to whether dental implants will work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ringler and his team. We sincerely look forward to helping you reclaim your strong bite and your beautiful smile with our state-of-the-art technology and our years of experience in restorative dentistry. Conveniently located in Hutchinson, KS, the office of Dr. Grant D. Ringler proudly serves patients from throughout the surrounding areas of Winfield, Newton, Manhattan, El Dorado, Great Bend, and beyond.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Love Your Smile

April 8, 2015

158576406When you look at your smile in photographs or in the mirror, what do you see? Are your teeth bright white and healthy-looking, or are they yellowish and stained? Do gaps and uneven spacing plaque your smile, or are you happy with what you see? At the Hutchinson, KS dental office of Dr. Grant D. Ringler, we offer an extensive selection of cosmetic dentistry solutions designed with your most beautiful smile in mind. We can help you transform the appearance of your teeth so that you can feel free to show off your smile with confidence.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Hutchinson, KS

No one should have to endure a lifetime of smiles hidden behind hands or closed lips. No matter what type of aesthetic flaw you may be facing, Dr. Ringler has a solution that will work for you.  Our most popular cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Teeth whitening – Erase years of stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and more with our professional teeth whitening services. Unlike whitening strips you can buy at nearly any store, our custom whitening trays and solution provide real results that last.
  • Porcelain veneers – These thin layers of porcelain are bonded to the front of your teeth to create a uniform smile that’s perfectly balanced, white, and beautiful.
  • Tooth-colored fillingsSay goodbye to dark metal fillings. With composite resin fillings, we can repair damage to your teeth in a way that blends seamlessly with your smile.

If you’d like to see some before and after photos of our cosmetic dentistry patients, please feel free to peruse our Smile Gallery here.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you’re searching for the best cosmetic dentist in Hutchinson, KS, look no further than the state-of-the-art office of Dr. Grant Ringler. With our advanced technology and caring, patient-centric approach, we’ll make you feel right at home as we bring out the natural beauty of your smile. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Ringler, and discover the difference our aesthetic services can make in your smile and your confidence. Our Hutchinson, KS cosmetic dentistry practice also serves patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including El Dorado, Manhattan, Winfield, Newton, Great Bend, and beyond.

Find Lasting Toothache Relief in Hutchinson, KS with Root Canal Therapy

February 10, 2015

454389001A persistent toothache can negatively impact your daily life in a variety of ways, disrupting your concentration at work and causing you severe pain when you should be getting a good night of sleep. If you are suffering from recurring tooth pain, it’s possible that you have a root canal infection. At the Hutchinson, KS dental office of Dr. Grant D. Ringler, we offer a comprehensive menu of restorative dentistry services, including root canal therapy.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The only way to definitively diagnose a root canal infection is to visit our office for a full exam, complete with digital x-rays to determine the cause of your pain. Dr. Ringler will perform a careful assessment of each of your teeth, answering any questions you have along the way. Though root canal infections may present without symptoms, the following signs are nearly always a clear indication that treatment is necessary:

  • A tooth that appears darker than the rest, usually gray in color
  • Pain in the tooth that worsens when pressure is applied
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold temperatures
  • A throbbing ache that extends deep into the jaw
  • Redness of the gums surrounding a particular tooth
  • The formation of an abscess

Fortunately, root canal therapy can save your tooth from the damage caused by an infection, all while eliminating your pain so that you can fully enjoy daily life once again. The procedure is no more uncomfortable than a regular filling, and you’ll love how beautifully we can restore your tooth with a custom porcelain crown.

Preserve the Health of Your Smile

If one or more of your teeth are affected by a root canal infection, time is of the essence. The sooner an infected tooth is treated, the higher the chance that it can be saved rather than extracted. Contact us today to schedule your visit to Grant D. Ringler, DDS, and learn more about how root canal therapy can benefit you. Conveniently located in Hutchinson, KS, our state-of-the-art dental practice warmly welcomes families from throughout the surrounding areas, including El Dorado, Great Bend, Manhattan, Winfield, Newton, and beyond.

Introducing Six Month Smiles: The Adult Orthodontics Solution in Hutchinson, KS

January 10, 2015

56568372Did you know that nearly 20% of orthodontic patients are adults? Most people automatically associate wearing braces with middle school and puberty. However, many adults need orthodontic treatment too.  Choosing to seek out needed orthodontic treatment as an adult is becoming much more common. One of the best available options for adults is the fast and easy Six Month Smiles orthodontics system. Six Month Smiles focuses on quickly and affordably making noticeable cosmetic improvements to your smile in the shortest time possible. Six Month Smiles uses a modified treatment strategy to provide convenient, common-sense, adult orthodontic solutions. Make your Six Month Smiles appointment with Dr. Grant Ringler today. Dr. Ringler is an experienced Six Month Smiles provider, now proudly restoring smiles daily throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the surrounding communities.

Why You May Need Adult Orthodontics

The need for adult orthodontics is twofold. Even if your teeth were straight as a child, they might not remain that way as you get older. Teeth can shift as we age.  Dental trauma, tongue thrust, and natural growth can also cause previously straight teeth to turn crooked and overcrowded over time. This shifting can cause severe jaw pain, poor oral hygiene, and a less than confident smile. If you’ve always had crooked teeth, your orthodontic problems can worsen over time. Either way, seeking the adult orthodontic treatment you need is a truly worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Six Month Smiles for Your Adult Orthodontic Needs?

Six Month Smiles offers:

  • A much shorter average orthodontic treatment time (4-9 months)
  • Nearly invisible clear brackets and tooth-colored wires
  • Conservative and predictable results
  • Fast and comfortable appointments
  • Affordability (Six Month Smiles cost less than traditional braces, clear aligners, or porcelain veneers)

Hutchison Adult Orthodontics Appointments

There’s no reason to put off the adult orthodontic treatment you need another year. Make an appointment with the Dr. Grant Ringler for your Six Month Smiles consultation today. Dr. Ringler is a highly qualified adult orthodontics provider, delivering quality dental care to patients of all ages daily throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the neighboring areas.

General and Family Dentist Advice: The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

December 10, 2014

86806317Although seeing your dentist may not be at the top of your list of things to do this time of year, it should be. That’s especially true if it has been longer than six months since your last dental exam. These routine exams protect not only your dental health, but your overall health and well being. One important way a dental exam protects your health is through oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer is a highly deadly form of cancer, mainly because it is often found in the later stages of development, since some patients go for years without seeing their dentist. The good news is that the earlier oral cancer is found, the higher the chance for remission and a positive outcome. Nothing is more important than your health. Don’t put off the dental exam that could save your life. Make your dental checkup and oral cancer screening appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today. Dr. Ringler and his team of compassionate dental professionals serve families daily throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the surrounding communities.

General and Family Dentist Advice: What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

  • A sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal after a few weeks
  • A lump or thickening of the lining of the mouth
  • A white or reddish patch inside the mouth
  • Loose teeth or ill fitting dentures
  • Tongue pain, jaw pain, or stiffness
  • Difficult or painful chewing or swallowing
  • A persistent sore throat or feeling that something is caught in your throat

General and Family Dentist Advice: Oral Cancer Risk Factors

The main risk factors for developing oral cancer are behavioral including: using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, excessive sun exposure, and contraction of the Human Papillomavirus.  Oral cancer is twice more likely in men than women, but this is probably associated with the increase in tobacco and alcohol use by men. However, everyone’s risk for developing oral cancer increases with age. In fact, two-thirds of individuals with oral cancer are 55 or older.

General and Family Dentist Appointments and Oral Cancer Screenings in Hutchison, KS

Oral cancer screenings are just one of the many ways that seeing your dentist regularly can keep you healthy. Make an appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today for the oral cancer screening you need to stay healthy. Dr. Ringler and his team of highly qualified general and family dentists proudly restore smiles daily throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and nearby areas.


Should You Get Dental Implants?

November 10, 2014

154250535Are you tired of not being able to enjoy the foods you love? If you have to limit your diet because of ill fitting dentures or worn down dental bridges, it may be time to consider dental implants. Dental implants are made of tiny titanium posts, surgically implanted in your jaw, and capped with dentures or dental crowns. Dental implants can significantly improve your quality of life if you have lost teeth due to decay or injury. Though you must meet certain qualifications to be a candidate for full dental implant surgery, Dr. Ringler also offers mini dental implants for patients who would not otherwise be eligible. To explore your dental implant options, make an appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today. Dr. Ringler and his team of cosmetic and restorative experts proudly restore smiles throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the surrounding communities.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Bone Loss Prevention– When you lose a tooth, the roots and bones connected to the jaw are lost too. This can cause your jaw bone to recede and your facial structure to shift. Dental implants replace these roots and bones, preventing the loss of bone in the jaw.
  • Convenience- Dental implants can be made with permanent crowns or removable dentures. Either way, they are secured firmly in the jaw and won’t shift or move when eating.
  • Comfort- Dental implants don’t require dental adhesives or daily removal for cleaning and maintenance. Also, they will never interfere with eating or chewing.
  • Improved AppearanceDental implants are the most natural looking and feeling tooth replacement method.

Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants in Hutchinson, KS

Dental implants require a minimum amount of jaw bone and space to be implanted properly. Bone graft surgery or sinus lift surgery may need to be performed before your dental implant surgery. If this is not an option, you could choose to have mini dental implants placed instead. They are implanted just below the gum line, but don’t require the same bone density minimums as full dental implants. Dr. Ringler can make this determination in consultation. If you have decided that it’s time to get dental implants, make an appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today to get started. Dr. Ringler and his experienced team proudly serve patients throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and nearby areas.

Overcome Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry

October 10, 2014

187986347A trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be a painful or anxiety-inducing experience. In fact, being able to finally take care of your oral health issues may give you new peace of mind. Dentists now have a variety of ways to make sure your visit is completely comfortable and pain-free. You can choose to see a dentist that offers Sedation Dentistry. Don’t put off needed dental care any longer. Make an appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today. Dr. Ringler and his caring associate dentists proudly serve patients throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the surrounding communities.

Sedation Dentistry Techniques

It’s important to understand that there is a difference between sedation and anesthesia. Sedation is a state of relaxation, while anesthesia is the blockage of any pain. Dentists use sedation in conjunction with localized anesthesia to make your dental care as pain-free as possible. Sedation techniques may include:

  • Conscious Oral Sedation– An oral sedative medication like diazepam is given 30 minutes to an hour before the appointment. You will be fully conscious and responsive but completely relaxed. A local anesthetic is administered as well.
  • IV Sedation– Just like the oral sedative, only administered intravenously.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation-A small mask over the nose is used to administer “laughing gas” to induce a sedated state. A local anesthetic is administered as well.

Sedation Dentistry in Hutchinson, KS

Sedation Dentistry is a perfect solution for those who experience dental anxiety from sensitive teeth, difficulty achieving numbness, complex dental issues, fear of needles or dental instruments, limited time to complete dental work, past traumatic dental experiences or difficulty controlling movement and sitting still. The dentists at Grant Ringler are responsive to patient anxiety. Make an appointment with the office of Dr. Grant Ringler today to experience the difference with Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Ringler and his gentle and attentive associate dentists proudly serve patients throughout Hutchison, KS, Newton, Winfield, Manhattan, Great Bend, El Dorado, and the surrounding communities.

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