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Dental Crowns – Hutchinson, KS

Rebuild Your Teeth Back to Full Health

Over the years, your teeth are subjected to a lot of wear and tear from daily biting and chewing. This can eventually lead to teeth becoming cracked, chipped, severely decayed, or worn down. Not treating these issues may cause the tooth to become even more damaged to the point where it has to be extracted entirely. To save your smile from such a fate, Dr. Grant D. Ringler, your dentist in Hutchinson, can place a dental crown over that tooth to protect it from additional damage while also making it look like a beautifully natural part of your grin. To learn more about dental crowns and whether they’re the right treatment for your smile, call us today!

What Are Dental Crowns?

three dental crowns in Hutchinson against black background

A dental crown is a custom-made restoration designed to fit over the entire visible portion of the tooth, also known as the crown, which is where this treatment gets its name. By placing a crown over a tooth, we can restore its shape, strength, and function back to what it originally was. Crowns can even be placed over cosmetically imperfect teeth to improve their appearance. Because crowns are most often made of dental porcelain, they have the uncanny ability to blend in with the rest of your smile.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

dental crown being placed on bottom tooth

Dental crowns can be used in a lot of situations, such as when:

  • A tooth is decayed to the point that a filling alone won’t correct the damage
  • A tooth is severely injured or fractured
  • A tooth has become so weakened that there is a high risk of fracture or breakage
  • A missing tooth has been replaced with a dental implant and needs a restoration
  • A tooth has undergone root canal therapy and needs protection
  • A dental bridge is being placed to restore missing teeth and needs crowns to hold it in place

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

dentist showing patient their dental x-ray

Having a custom dental crown designed and placed typically takes two appointments with our team. First, after discussing your goals for your new restoration, we’ll prepare the affected tooth and take digital impressions. These will be sent to a trusted dental laboratory for the creation of your finished crown; in the meantime, our doctors will place a temporary model so that your daily life isn’t disrupted. Once the finished crown arrives at our practice, you’ll be invited back so that we can make any final adjustments and cement the permanent restoration securely into place within your smile.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

young man sitting in dental chair and smiling at his dentist

When a tooth is seriously damaged, the only options are to repair it or have it extracted. Since missing teeth come with a plethora of oral health problems (like shifting teeth and an increased risk of gum disease), our team tries to save your natural pearly whites whenever possible. Dental crowns in Hutchinson are a wonderful way to restore your oral health. They also provide the following additional benefits:

  • With proper aftercare, your crown can last upwards of 10 years, possibly even 20.
  • Although you’ll want to avoid chewing on certain objects like ice and hard candies, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite crunchy foods to your heart’s content.
  • In addition to improving your oral health, dental crowns look and feel perfectly natural.