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Full and Partial Dentures in Hutchinson

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couple hugging and smilingFull and partial dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that are made out of acrylic porcelain or metal. These oral appliances are necessary for many people who have lost teeth because of decay, an accident, or other teeth and gum diseases, but some dentures can cause extreme discomfort and other problems. That’s why Hutchinson dentist Dr. Grant Ringler and his team are proud to provide patients with Denture Comfort, an inexpensive and time-efficient technology that can revolutionize your experience wearing dentures.

Most of the pain and discomfort associated with this restorative option is from acrylic dentures that create constant pressure against the gums and cause the ridge and bone to shrink. This in turn causes the denture to fit poorly and requires continual maintenance. Having your dentures adjusted and relined every few years can be time-consuming, costly, and tiresome.

Implant-Retained, Comfortable Dentures

man smiling in blue shirt off into the distanceWith the Denture Comfort technology that Dr. Ringler provides, you can put an end to all of your problems through an affordable, one-hour procedure. Dr. Ringler will install four to six mini dental implants (extremely narrow titanium screws), and then your denture will be lined with a silicone base that is soft and elastic. Not only will your dentures be far more comfortable then – you can even wear them while you’re sleeping – but they will be sturdier as well!

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Regardless of whether you are a new or seasoned denture wearer, you can finally have a reason to smile when you choose Dr. Ringler’s Dental Comfort procedure! Contact Hutchinson, KS dentist Dr. Grant Ringler and his caring staff today to learn more!

Denture FAQs

Do you have questions about dentures? No matter what your concerns are, Dr. Ringler and our team can help you find the answers. Below, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions that we receive from our patients about this treatment. If you don’t see the answers you need, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Is it hard to talk with dentures?

Everyone who gets dentures in Hutchinson goes through an adjustment period that involves strengthening their facial muscles to gain better control over their prosthetic. That’s why countless people find it difficult to talk and chew food when they first put them in their mouth. We recommend practicing by reading a book out loud or singing in the shower. Even though it sounds goofy, it’s actually a really effective way to build muscle and get used to the way they feel!

If you have difficulty with your dentures slipping when you try to talk, you can either apply denture adhesive to them before putting them in your mouth or biting down on them and swallowing so that they shift into the proper position.

Will dentures change the shape of my face?

Whether you lose one tooth or all of your teeth, your facial structure will change over time, depending on what type of restoration you invest in. This is because the roots of your missing tooth are no longer stimulating your jawbone like they used to, keeping it from deteriorating. One way to keep this from happening is by getting implant dentures. This solution doesn’t just restore the biting surface of your teeth, it also replaces your roots.

Can I get my dentures relined if they don’t fit properly?

As you age and your facial structure changes over time, you may find that your dentures don’t fit the way they used to. In certain cases, you may be able to adjust the fit of them by simply having them relined by your dentist in Hutchinson. This can help relieve any oral sores or discomfort that they’re causing you. If the fit is drastically altered and it has been over five years since you first received your dentures, you may need to have them replaced.

Can I use regular toothpaste to clean my dentures?

To keep your dentures looking like new, you’ll need to brush and rinse them every day. However, using a product that isn’t specially made to clean dentures, like regular toothpaste, can cause them to become scratched and damaged due to abrasiveness. For this reason, it’s important to use a special denture cleaning toothbrush and denture cleanser to sanitize and clean your prosthetic. If you need recommendations, feel free to reach out to our office!