A Sedation Dentist in Hutchinson Can Help Your Anxiety Or Fear

A Sedation Dentist in Hutchinson Can Help Your Anxiety Or Fear

When you enter your dentist’s office for a procedure, or even your routine checkup and cleaning, your hands get clammy and the sterile smell in the air puts you on edge. Ever since you were a child, the thought of going to a scheduled appointment has filled you with anxiety. You try to avoid them unless absolutely necessary because you don’t want to put yourself through emotional turmoil. Finding a sedation dentist in Hutchinson could be the solution you need to get your oral health back on track. Read on to find out how, after years of fearing the dentist, you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your next treatment.

What Are The Different Types Of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses various forms of medication to allow patients who get anxiety at the thought of visiting the dentist feel comfortable and relaxed. Typically, patients remain awake and aware, unless they’re under general anesthesia. Depending on the procedure, your dentist may recommend one of these types of sedation:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation– Before your appointment, you will take a small pill and have a family member or friend transport you to and from your dentist’s office. Patients often report not feeling any pain during and after their treatment and have little or no memory of the visit.
  • Nitrous Oxide– While you’re in the dental chair, a professional will place a mask over your nose. Within minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and content, allowing your dentist to work quickly and efficiently. Once the effects of this type of sedation have worn off, you can return to work almost immediately after.
  • General Anesthesia– This method is typically only administered when you have a complex treatment or severe anxiety. You’ll remain unconscious and won’t be aware of the procedure until it’s over. The effects will typically last several hours.

Depending on the treatment or procedures that you need, your dentist will recommend the type of sedation that will be best for you.

How Do You Know If Sedation Dentistry Is Right For You?

If you have a dental phobia or anxiety that prevents you from scheduling procedures, speak to your dentist about how sedation may be able to help you. Typically, children who have a fear of the dentist are given nitrous oxide to help them feel calm during their visit. Sedation is also helpful for patients who:

  • Have a low pain tolerance
  • Can’t sit still through procedures
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth
  • Have a violent gag reflex
  • Need extensive dental work done

Getting stress-free, worry-free, and pain-free dental care can help you feel comfortable enough to schedule that procedure that you’ve been needing. Leaving dental problems untreated can only cause you more issues in the future, so save yourself the headache and hassle by getting the quality of care that you deserve by visiting your dentist in Hutchinson.

About the Author

Dr. Grant Ringler has been serving his community of Hutchinson since 1988. He’s committed to helping his patients experience pain and anxiety-free dental care by equipping his office with the most advanced technology and treatments. He is an active member of several professional organizations including The Dental Organization for Conscious Oral Sedation. For any questions about sedation dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or contact 620-860-0309.