Dental Technology & Comforts

Comfortable Sedation

If you have been postponing your dental visits because of fear, anxiety, or stress, there is a solution that allows you to accomplish all your dental needs in as little as one appointment. Hutchinson, Kansas dentist Dr. Grant Ringler offers patients the option of undergoing oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, and complete sleep dentistry (general anesthesia).

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays are essential diagnostic tools when it comes to identifying dental problems hidden beneath the surface of your smile, but the traditional film method for capturing them came with several pitfalls. Today, our staff relies on advanced digital technology for a much faster and safer process overall. With the help of a small sensor placed in the mouth, we’re capable of transferring highly detailed images to our computer system within seconds – no darkroom development or hazardous chemicals required. These X-rays can be magnified and color-coded for educational purposes, and transferring them to insurance companies or other doctors is a breeze.

Many patients fear X-rays because of the radiation exposure involved. Thankfully, our digital system reduces this exposure by up to 90%, allowing you to breathe easier and stay safer.

Digital Impression System

At our Hutchinson office, the days of messy impression materials are over. Instead, our team relies on the revolutionary iTero® digital scanner to create accurate, 3-dimensional scans of a patient’s teeth for a wide variety of helpful purposes. The process is simple – our doctors and staff members use a special wand that’s placed over each tooth, emitting a laser light that scans the structure and submits it to the computer system. Within minutes, our digital model is complete. This process is quicker and more comfortable for the patient; it also significantly reduces the need for retakes in the future.

iTero can be used to formulate treatment plans, create prosthetic designs that are sent to a trusted dental lab for final creation, and even assist our doctors in the placement and restoration of dental implants.

Solea® Soft Tissue Laser

Instead of relying on traditional tools for common services like periodontal disease treatment, Dr. Ringler and the rest of our team are proud to offer the Solea® soft tissue laser for a truly ideal treatment experience. There’s no unpleasant vibration or startling noises for patients to worry about – instead, the state-of-the-art wavelength operates quickly and precisely, eliminating infection while helping patients maintain healthy tissue. The treated areas are instantly sterilized as well, which minimizes bleeding and speeds up both the treatment itself and the recovery period. In fact, the entire process is so comfortable that most patients won’t even require anesthesia during their procedure, allowing them to return to their regular routine right away. The Solea laser can also be successfully utilized in cases of tooth decay and cosmetic recontouring.

The Wand

For many dental patients, the injection of anesthetic can be a very unpleasant experience – maybe they have a fear of needles, or they simply find the process uncomfortable. Whatever the case is, our team has invested in a new method for this necessary delivery: The WAND. The WAND doesn’t look or feel like the traditional syringe, and the technology ensures a steady, slow flow of anesthetic for a virtually pain-free experience. It’s also more precise, which reduces the possibility that your tongue, lips, or face will experience lingering numbness as well, allowing patients to avoid inconvenient downtime following their appointments. Helping you feel safe and at ease during your treatment is always a top priority for our doctors and staff members.

Cavity Detection System

Over 92% of patients will experience a cavity at one point or another in their lives. If this decay can be detected early enough, remineralization may be possible – however, traditional diagnostic tools don’t have the power to identify these subtle developments or chart their progression. Here in Hutchinson, Dr. Ringler has invested in a state-of-the-art cavity detection system that can locate these areas before they’re even visible on the tooth’s surfaces, allowing for early intervention and a better retention of healthy structure.