Cosmetic Dentist in Hutchinson Can Treat White Spots on Your Teeth


When you look in the mirror, does your focus instantly turn to white spots on your teeth? If so, this can significantly impact your confidence. You may feel like you have no choice but to live with the imperfections, but this is not so. You can improve the appearance of your teeth with the help of your cosmetic dentist in Hutchinson. With a customized treatment plan, you can love the smile that you see in the mirror.

Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

White spots can develop on the surface of your teeth for a variety of reasons, such as poor oral hygiene. When bacteria accumulate on your enamel from improper brushing and flossing habits, it will begin to eat holes in it. Not only can this lead to white spots, but tooth decay as well.

Fluorosis is another common cause. It results when too much fluoride is ingested while your teeth are still forming. Although fluoride is vital to preventing cavities, too much of it can cause discoloration of your enamel.

In some cases, the spots may be due to a condition known as enamel hypoplasia, which results from nutritional deficiencies, high fevers, or side effects from medications. It causes the enamel to be more prone to decay, leading to white, brown, or yellow spots.

How Can I Treat the White Spots?

Your dentist in Hutchinson offers a variety of solutions to help you resolve the appearance of white spots. Depending on your exact needs and your desired results, you have a few different treatment options available.


Microabrasion involves removing a thin layer of enamel to improve the appearance of the spots. When this is combined with teeth whitening, it has shown to provide drastic results.

Teeth Whitening

Bleached-based whitening treatments can help to provide your enamel with a more consistent color. It is best to use a professional treatment, whether in-office or at-home. Over-the-counter products are not effective for producing noticeable results because they do not contain professional-grade whitening agents.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have several cosmetic imperfections in addition to the spots, your dentist may recommend porcelain veneers. By attaching the thin shells to the front surfaces of your teeth, you will instantly hide the spots while improving their size, shape, and proportion. They are perfect for covering discoloration, chips, cracks, and minor alignment issues in as little as two appointments.

Get a Beautiful Smile Today!

You do not have to let white spots harm the appearance of your teeth. You can get the smile of your dreams with a customized treatment plan from your cosmetic dentist. Make an investment in your confidence today!

About Dr. Grant D. Ringler

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