Should You Visit a Dentist with Early Cavity Detection Technology?


Dentists do everything possible to catch the early signs of dental disease before they cause long-term problems that become more expensive to treat. One of the most common conditions that can remain unnoticed for months on end is cavities. The sooner we can catch the signs of cavities, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid the need for dental fillings and other restorative treatments. If visiting a dentist in Hutchinson, it’s worth seeing if they carry early cavity detection technology. Here’s why.

Technology That Really Helps You Prevent Cavities

The technology within early cavity detection systems is advanced, yet actually quite simple in terms of its function. Using near-infrared transillumination, the device is capable of detecting dental caries and cracks before they even develop. Once the light is shined directly onto teeth, it makes healthy portions of the enamel appear transparent, while porous lesions absorb light. This causes them to light up and become easily noticeable by the dentist.

Early cavity detection systems actually work quite like digital X-rays. Not only can they be read like X-rays (minus the radiation), but they provide a more enhanced approach to viewing dental fractures and identifying caries. They can even be used to recognize damage around dental restorations, making it easier to examine tooth decay.

Useful for All Sorts of Patients

Using an early cavity detection system is especially ideal for those who tend to be at higher risk of developing cavities (and therefore require more X-rays than usual to manage these concerns.) However, it’s also perfect for those who may suffer from chronic dry mouth, which directly increases the risk of bacteria production and maneuverability (therefore, causing a higher risk for cavities.)

On top of that, its smaller form factor makes it much easier for children to receive detailed examinations. Sometimes bitewing tabs used for digital X-rays can be difficult to use, while early cavity detection devices are more comfortable.

Additionally, while digital X-rays emit over 80% less radiation compared to traditional X-ray methods, early cavity detection systems only utilize light technology to operate, giving you additional peace of mind.

Keeping You More Engaged During Exams

In modern dentistry, there has been an increasing emphasis on improving the patient experience when it comes time for routine exams. As a patient, you’ll find that when you’re engaged and involved in the examination and diagnostic process, the easier it is to build trust and a positive relationship with your dentist. Early cavity detection systems are just one of the ways you can stay more involved in your treatment process and better understand what’s happening to your teeth.

Looking for a dentist that’s more dedicated to catching cavities in Hutchinson? It starts with education but doesn’t have to end there. Choosing the right technology for the job can make all the difference between catching a cavity early and needing a dental filling later.

About Grant D. Ringler DDS

The dentists at the practice are highly dedicated not just to preventive dental care but making sure you feel comfortable and engaged every time you visit for a regular checkup. Dr. Ringler and Drs. Melissa and Justin Barnhart make use of the Dexis Carivu Caries Detection System to catch early signs of decay and reduce the need for other restorative treatments. To learn more about their preventive treatments or schedule an appointment, you can contact them through their website.