Don’t Let School Start Without Paying Your Dentist a Visit!

Don’t Let School Start Without Paying Your Dentist a Visit!

As you help your child get ready for the upcoming school year, you’re hurriedly trying to clear your to-do list. Your dentist in Hutchison says there’s an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked, though. Before your child starts the new school year, it’s of the utmost importance to pay your dentist a visit for a cleaning and checkup. Find out why this is an important part of maintaining excellent oral health and how it can make you and your child’s lives a lot easier!

The Value of Preventive Care

The preventive care visit is possibly the most valuable service your dentist offers. That’s because at these semi-annual appointments, your child will be left with a thorough cleaning and checkup. While these visits yield short-term benefits, the greater advantages are experienced on a long-term basis.

Here are some of the benefits that await you and your child:

  • Any developing issues can be spotted early and addressed.
  • You’ll save money by preventing the need for more complex forms of treatment.
  • These visits will help to create positive habits that your child can follow into adulthood.
  • My maintaining preventive care visits, your child will be able to enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come.

Why Schedule a Visit Before School?

While the above-listed perks are undeniable, you may still be wondering why it’s so important to visit before the school year starts. For starters, it will ensure that your child doesn’t have to miss any time from school. That’s because by visiting in the summer, the next appointment can be scheduled during the winter break.

Another key benefit is that it makes life easier for you. If you’re like most parents, you worry about your child’s well-being. By scheduling a visit before school starts, you’ll be able to enjoy greater peace-of-mind.

What Happens at a Dental Visit?

When you take your child for a summer dental visit, here’s what you can typically expect to happen:

  • X-ray photos are taken to establish a baseline.
  • A thorough cleaning is performed to remove plaque and tartar.
  • The mouth, teeth, gums and jaw are carefully examined.

Once all the formalities have been taken care of, you and your child will sit down with your dentist to go over what he or she assessed from the examination. Based on the results, a plan will be created to rectify any issues in a timely fashion.

A summer dental visit for your child, which will take about an hour of your time, is a simple action that will yield big results down the road. By being proactive, you’ll save yourself some headaches and prevent your child from enduring any unnecessary suffering.  

About the Author

Dr. Grant D. Ringler earned his dental degree from the University of Nebraska. He has since gone on to provide careful and compassionate dental care for over 30 years. To stay abreast of the latest advancements in the dental world, Dr. Ringler takes continuing education courses annually. This results in the exceptional care he already offers only continuing to expand. He helps families enjoy excellent oral health at his private practice, and he can be reached for more information through his website.