Why Don’t My Teeth Look Like They Used To? Hutchinson Dentist Answers


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our teeth age along with us. If you’ve noticed that your teeth don’t look as, well, young as they once did, you’ll be happy to know there are several solutions for rejuvenating your smile. Dr. Ringler, your Hutchinson dentist, provides answers for why teeth age and what we can do about it in a new video. Watch him talk about why your teeth don’t look like they used to below.

As Dr. Ringler explains, a number of things can cause your teeth to lose their luster or youthful shape. As we get older, they turn a darker color. You may notice your teeth looking yellower or dingier than they used to as a result of constant exposure to the pigments in your foods and beverages. Poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, and other factors all cause the teeth to discolor.

Teeth also gradually shift over time — especially if you once had braces but didn’t keep up with your retainer in the years and decades following your orthodontic treatment. And when teeth aren’t properly aligned, they are more vulnerable to chipping, wearing, and ultimately breaking.

That may leave you wondering… what happened to my smile?

How We Restore Your Smile

Fortunately, your dentist is armed with a number of solutions to bring back your radiant, youthful smile. The simplest, most economical way to rejuvenate imperfect teeth is to perform professional teeth whitening. From white strips to custom take-home trays, a couple of weeks is all it takes to dramatically brighten your tooth enamel with professional whitening.

And if those shifting teeth have caused your smile to look a little off, simple cosmetic bonding is a great way to improve its appearance. In just one visit to the dentist’s office, we can close up gaps, repair chips, and rebuild your tooth enamel wherever necessary. Cosmetic bonding is an efficient, pain-free procedure that doesn’t require any anesthesia.

Or maybe you need a little more help improving the way your front teeth line up. If so, Dr. Ringler offers Six Month Smiles. This clear braces solution is a discreet, accelerated orthodontic treatment that quickly straightens out misaligned front teeth.

Porcelain veneers are another excellent option for remaking your smile. Thin wafers of natural-looking dental porcelain, they are the best option for people who wish to make a real investment in their teeth. Veneers are completed in two visits to your dentist’s office. They enhance or restore the appearance of chipped, stained, slightly gapped, or otherwise cosmetically flawed teeth.

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As you can tell, there are a number of options available for bringing the youth back to your damaged or imperfect smile. If you are interested in learning what we can do for your smile, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Ringler’s office. Request an appointment with your dentist in Hutchinson today!