Dr. Grant D. Ringler is Your Hutchinson Family Dentist


If you had to grade yourself on your dental care right now, from 1-10, what would your score be? 10? 7? …3? Whether we have good habits or not, we all know what we should do to maintain good oral health. Healthy teeth require brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist every six months. When it comes to what you can control about your mouth health, that’s really about as much as you can do — the rest comes down to genetics.

The genetic component in your oral health is sizeable, just like with the rest of your body. If your mom or dad had crooked teeth and a bad bite that needed braces, you probably needed them, too. Guess what? Chances are good your child will, too. And my mom’s tartar problems definitely got passed on to me — sometimes we just get lucky like that.

Teeth — good or bad — run in the family. That’s why it makes sense to choose a family dentist who provides the same excellent care for all ages, from your littlest baby’s teeth to you, mom or dad. Choosing a family dentist to stick with means you’re able to develop a relationship with someone who can monitor your teeth for years, noticing any small changes that could be more serious than they seem.

Dr. Grant D. Ringler Is Your Hutchinson Family Dentist

Grant D. Ringler, DDS, is your top choice for a family dentist in Hutchinson, KS. We have a commitment to high-quality dental care for all ages, and our dedicated staff is ready to do everything necessary to ensure your teeth are clean, healthy and strong for years to come. We started back in 1988, and we’ve been providing nothing but excellent care for our Hutchinson patients ever since.

At Dr. Ringler’s office, we handle a variety of dental procedures, from your routine six-month cleanings to exceptional cosmetic dentistry to help you get the beautiful smile you deserve. And with whatever procedure, we also offer oral sedation options for those in your family who are a little anxious about the dentist — this is a great option for longer dental procedures, or adults with past dental trauma. Whatever the procedure or treatment plan for your unique mouth, our single goal is simple: to provide you and your family with the ultimate in dental care.

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If it’s been more than six months since you and your family have visited the dentist, don’t wait to make sure your teeth are staying strong and healthy. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringler’s office today — we’ll make sure everyone in your family is smiling beautifully this September, and for years to come.