What Makeup Colors Show Off White Teeth?


In the pursuit of a whiter smile, people often concentrate on improving their oral hygiene as well as teeth whitening treatments. You may be surprised to learn that those aren’t the only ways to make your smile appear whiter. In fact, makeup choices can also influence your smile’s appearance. Particularly, the right lip shade can create the illusion of pearly white teeth. Keep reading to discover how makeup enhances your teeth and find recommended lip colors to achieve a brighter smile.

How Can Makeup Improve Teeth?

The color of your lips can beautifully complement and accentuate various undertones in your skin. Berry shades flatter darker skin tones, while pink hues suit paler complexions. The beauty industry uses this understanding to design makeup products that enhance each person’s natural appearance. Embrace your unique beauty!

Furthermore, the color of your lips can create an optical illusion that enhances the whiteness of your teeth. With the right contrast between lip color and tooth shade, you can accentuate the noticeable distinction between them. Incorporating specific blush shades can also reinforce this effect and contribute to a brighter, more radiant smile.

Great Lip Colors for a Whiter Smile

Indeed, not all lip colors are ideal for enhancing smiles. Discovering the right shades that complement your pearly whites is essential. Here are a few lip colors to consider:

  • Blue-Based Red – Red lipstick not only bestows classic beauty to your lips but can also elevate the look of your teeth. However, selecting the right shade of red is crucial. Striking the delicate balance between a red lipstick that brightens your smile and one that doesn’t is key. For a radiant grin, opt for a blue-based red lipstick instead of an orange-based shade.
  • Fruit Punch – For those seeking a shade that lies between cool red and deep pink, a fruit punch lipstick might be an ideal choice. This color not only resembles the hue of a refreshing beverage or flavored ice pop but also enhances the brightness of your teeth. Fruit punch lipsticks are widely accessible at various pharmacies, supermarkets, and retail stores. Look out for excellent options in this category, such as those offered by the brand L’Oreal.
  • Berry – Amidst the popularity of bright and airy colors, don’t overlook the allure of berry shades as an alternative to warm-toned lip colors. With their purple-blue undertones, berry shades offer an exotic look and cleverly counteract teeth stains. For inspiration, consult your dentist, as they can provide valuable recommendations tailored to your preferences and dental requirements.

To sum up, the color of your makeup holds remarkable potential to influence your smile. Embrace the opportunity for a transformative makeover and unlock the power of selecting the right shades to enhance the beauty of your smile.

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