Improve Your Dental Health During Quarantine Using These 5 Tips


Because of shelter in place, you’re spending more time at home than ever before, so your daily home dental care habits have a larger impact on your health and wellness. While you may not be able to visit a dentist in Hutchinson for your regular preventive care checkup, you can still use the following five steps to start working towards better oral health.

#1 – Brush After Each Meal

Now that many of us are working from home, we’re only a few steps away from our toothbrushes at any moment. Taking two minutes to brush your teeth after each meal will keep food particles from accumulating underneath your gums and reduce the amount of decay causing bacteria in your mouth.

The benefits go beyond just your dental health. Brushing after meals prevents stain causing elements from lingering on your teeth, so they’ll remain whiter for a longer period of time.

#2 – Floss Your Teeth Daily

We get it, flossing isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but it can make a huge difference in your oral health. Dental floss can reach into the pockets between your teeth and get rid of any debris that might have been missed by your toothbrush. Regular flossing also helps lower the risk of gum disease by preventing the buildup of plaque between teeth.

#3 – Rinse Your Teeth With A Fluoride Mouthwash

Incorporating mouthwash into your daily dental hygiene routine can have multiple benefits. To start, many kinds are antiseptic, which means they can kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause a variety of dental problems.

Another benefit is that mouthwash can strengthen your teeth. Many brands contain a compound called fluoride. It’s the same compound that your dentist has probably applied to your teeth at some point during your regular visits. When fluoride binds to the enamel layer, it protects it from taking damage.

#4 – Prepare Healthy Snacks

Since many of us no longer have access to the vending machine at work, it can be tempting to stock up on sweet treats at home. However, now is the perfect time to leave those snacks behind and start eating healthier ones. Eating snacks that are low in processed sugars and starches will make it harder for bacteria to cause tooth decay between meals. Some quick tooth-friendly snacks are:

  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • Carrot or celery sticks
  • Cheese
  • Nuts without sugary coatings
  • Fresh fruit

#5 – Drink More Water

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest. Drinking a few cups of water a day between meals cleans out food debris that might be hanging out in your mouth. It also rinses away the bacteria that causes bad breath, so it keeps your mouth free of terrible odors.

Despite the changes in the world, your dental health is still something you have control over. By following these steps, you’ll emerge from quarantine with stronger, cleaner teeth.

About the Author

Dr. Grant D. Ringler has proudly cared for the dental needs of Hutchinson residents since 1988. His years of practice and investment in annual continuing education allow him to provide patients with the preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services they need to have brilliant smiles. If you need more information regarding home dental care, you can reach him at his website or at 620-860-0309.