Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Not having a full or complete smile is not only detrimental to your oral health, but to the health of your body as well. Having teeth missing from your smile can be displeasing to the eye, and can have negative effects on your self-esteem. There are many people that consider a smile a first impression, and when you are not confident in your smile, it can cause a pessimistic self of self, and can affect the way you interact with the people around you. Thankfully, our Dr. Grant D. Ringler is able to give you the full smile of your dreams by offering dental implants to his patients.

There are many detrimental effects that can be caused by having teeth missing from your smile, including bone loss, TMJ, a change in your bite, gum disease, and the shifting of teeth to make up for the space. Our mouths are how we nourish ourselves, communicate with others, and our smiles are used to show friendliness to others. If your smile is compromised, all of these things can be at risk, and it is very important to get you back on track with your health.

If you are considering dental implants, it is important you have a consultation with Dr. Ringler first. There, he will be able to evaluate your smile in its current condition, and be able to ask you about your future goals regarding your smile. You will also have that opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns you may have, as we want you to be as comfortable and well-informed throughout your entire treatment process. If you are a candidate, a titanium post will be embedded into your jaw bone. This will ensure stability in your new tooth and will fuse with your bone over time. After the post, the tooth-resembling crown is added, completing your new look! Your new smile will look natural and be as functional as a natural smile! If you would like Dr. Ringler’s help in restoring your smile using dental implants, contact our office today!

If you are ready to set up an appointment with Dr. Grant Ringler or Dr. Jared Fox, contact our Hutchinson, KS dental office, and we will be glad to help. We are able to take care of whatever general, cosmetic, or restorative dental need you may have. We proudly serve the areas of HutchinsonNewtonWinfieldManhattanGreat BendEl Dorado, and the surrounding areas.