Get Rid Of Your Tooth Pain With Root Canal Therapy


Having tooth pain is never a comfortable experience, and living with it day to day can be daunting on the heart and mind. Though some people may brush off the pain in their tooth, there can be many underlying issues, some potentially serious, that could cause you to be in pain. It is important to have any sort of dental pain inspected by our doctors, which is why they offer root canal therapy at their Hutchinson, KS dental office.

root canal could be needed for a couple of reasons. One could be due to a cavity gone wrong, and another could be due to some sort of dental trauma. If you are unaware as to whether or not you require a root canal, some symptoms include a severe toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, swelling, and discoloration. Though root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years, we offer oral sedation to ensure that the entire process of your root canal therapy from beginning to end is as comfortable as possible.

Root canal therapy is a simple process, and is able to alleviate your pain quickly and efficiently. Our doctors will address the infected tooth and remove the bacteria as well as the tooth’s pulp. Once that is done, your tooth will be filled with a bio-compatible substance in order to protect your tooth from future harm. Depending on the severity of your tooth’s infection, a crown may be placed over your tooth for extra protection. If you would like our doctors to help you with your root canal therapy, contact our office today!

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