Shine Bright This Summer with Teeth Whitening


With summer welcoming us with its warm, glowing embraces, many people are putting in a special effort to make the most of the season as possible. To many people, in order to fully take advantage of everything the summer has to offer, they want to be as healthy as possible. Whether it is physically or mentally, people are definitely putting in a special effort to make sure they feel great for the summer season. One way people may be doing this is paying special attention to their smiles. If you smile is stained or dull, you may find it difficult to put your best foot forward this season. Because our doctors want to give their patients the bright smile they want, they are able to offer teeth whitening to the Hutchinson community.

We have a couple of options we give our patients who want to whiten their smiles. The first one is at-home whitening via whitening trays. The trays that we supply you with are custom made to fit your mouth and your smile only. That way, we are sure that the whitening process is as effective as possible. With this method, we are able to whiten your smile between six to eight shades. We will also supply you with the whitening gel, filling your custom trays and sitting directly on your teeth in order to achieve a bright, beautiful smile.

The second option we offer our patients is whitening strips. This is wonderful for removing surface stains on your smile, as the gel on the strip is able to fit well on your smile. The whitening strips work by sitting on your smile for half an hour every day, and in the course of one to two weeks, your reveal a beautifully whiter smile. If you are interested in teeth whitening, contact our office today, and we will be glad to help!

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