Try Oral Sedation, Hutchinson, to Alleviate Dental Phobia


If you haven’t seen the dentist in years because of fear or anxiety, then you are in good company. There are millions of American adults who cannot even bring themselves to a dentist’s office never mind sit through an appointment. Of course, the fact that you are among millions who have the same phobia isn’t doing your smile any good. Fortunately, Dr. Ringler offers a rather simple solution. With oral sedation, Hutchinson residents can arrive for an appointment relaxed and remain so throughout a dental visit.

People fear the dentist for a number of different reasons; for some it is a disturbing memory of a dental appointment years ago, maybe during childhood. The sight of dental instruments or the sounds of dental equipment bother others. And for some, the dental examination area feels too confining. Whatever the reason for your fear, Dr. Ringler and his team can soothe your anxiety, so you can have the dental treatment you need.

Oral Sedation Hutchinson Residents Trust

If you can swallow a small pill, then you are halfway to a healthier and more attractive smile. With oral sedation, Dr. Ringler prescribes a small dose of a sedative—usually an anti-anxiety medication—that you’ll take before coming to our office. As the sedative enters your system, you’ll likely begin to feel a bit drowsy and much more relaxed. Because of this, you will need a family member or close friend to drive you to and from your appointment. And depending on how you’re doing after the visit, they may need to keep an eye on you back at home for a while.

When you arrive at Dr. Ringler’s dental practice, an assistant will meet you and help you get comfortable in the dental chair. She’ll remain with you throughout your procedure, monitoring your condition, answering any questions, and attending to your needs.

Under oral sedation, many of Dr. Ringler’s patients don’t remember anything about their treatment and believe they’ve slept throughout their appointment. Actually, you remain awake so we can communicate with you, but you simply may not be able to recall any portion of your visit. And with oral sedation, we can combine several necessary treatments in one visit. You’ll leave with a healthier smile and the confidence of knowing you saw the dentist.

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