Why Do Dental Implants in Hutchinson Look and Feel Natural?


When faced with tooth loss, many patients may feel like they have to just suffer from the consequences of tooth loss because there aren’t many tooth replacements that solve the problem through and through. You may find a replacement that causes other issues like slippage and speech problems. Then there’s the problem of your replacement not feeling natural or looking natural.

If you’ve been suffering from tooth loss because you can’t find the perfect tooth replacement, you can rest assured that dental implants in Hutchinson may be able to help you finally solve your problem. In fact, dental implants are the most compatible tooth replacement for your body. That’s right, they’re biocompatible!

Understanding Dental Implants from Beginning to End

Your Hutchinson dentist can replace your tooth from root to crown in the most natural way possible. We say natural because replacing the visible and hidden portion of a tooth keeps your jawbone strong and stable. So, your tooth can be replaced from root to crown with materials that are easy to fuse with your body.

Dental implants are so successful because of their three very important parts: the implant post itself, an abutment attachment, and the dental prosthetic that will help solve your level of tooth loss—whether it’s one tooth or severe tooth loss.

Dental Implant Posts

If you were to view a diagram of a dental implant like the one here, the actual implant looks like a small titanium screw. This is the actual post that’s surgically placed into your jaw bone. This implant mimics your natural tooth root, restoring the health of your jaw bone and filling the spot of your missing tooth.

Abutment Attachments

The abutment is the part of the implant that lies above the gum line once your implant post has healed within your jaw. The abutment will stabilize and support the dental prosthetic that will be attached as your visible tooth replacement.

Dental Prosthetics

The type of dental prosthetic that you need will depend on your level of tooth loss.

  • Single teeth are replaced with a personalized dental crown.
  • Two consecutive missing teeth are replaced with a dental bridge (two neighboring crowns).
  • If you are missing several teeth or even a whole arch, your dentist can methodically place you’re the implants to attach an implant-retained denture. It could be a partial denture for sporadically missing teeth or a complete denture for a full arch of teeth.

It’s time that you have a full, healthy, thriving smile again. Not only will dental implants help your confidence, but you’ll have a permanent, natural looking and feeling tooth replacement solution for years to come!

If you’re ready to get started improving the appearance and health of your smile, it’s time to contact your local dentist.

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